Photos: Here Is America’s Most Expensive 5th Generation Fighter Jet

Here is pictorial story of America’s fifth generation fighter jet, the F-35 (A, B, C – all variants):


All three Lockheed Martin F-35 variants at Edwards Air Force Base, California.


America’s most expensive weapons system ever built by Lockheed Martin.

one more time-1

The lightest version of the the F-35 is called F-35A. The U.S Air Force remains the primary user.

wingspan again

The F-35A and F-35B have the same wingspan and nearly the same length.


new skitch

The F-35C is the tallest and the heaviest. It is designed for the U.S Navy.

f35 wings

The F-35C features longer wings to create drag for the jet to slowly land on aircraft carriers.

upwards skitch

The F-35C has fold-able unique wing design.

skitch gun

The F-35A is the only variant that has an internal gun.

weapon bays

Internal bays for serious firepower.

fuel f35c

The F-35C carries 19,750 pounds of fuel, the most fuel of the variant aircraft. All jets have the capability to be refueled in air.

f35a skitch fuel

The F-35A is refueled differently as it used flying boom.

more weaponsmissiles skitchSource: BI


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