Airbus to Introduce Interactive Smart Windows In Its Future Planes

Have you ever though of an aeroplane window acting as a tablet computer, which could give flyers up-to-date information about their flight and destination?

According to FlyerTalk, Airbus has a plan to make it a reality.

Airbus Interactive Smart Window Concept

Airbus Interactive Smart Window Concept

The European aircraft manufacturer has filed a patent for what they are calling the “smart aircraft window”. The details are such that Airbus envisions aircraft windows of the future to be bigger and equipped with touchscreen capabilities. The outcome would be interactive window. It would consist of three devices, one to detect what a traveller is looking or pointing at, a transparent OLED touchscreen, and a passenger-facing camera that detects what the individual is looking at.

An environment monitoring camera would be mounted on the outside of the aircraft to provide travelers a wider view of the world beyond their window.

If this all is achieved, we can bet that you’ll never want the aisle seat again.

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