American Airlines Inducts Boeing 787 for Long Flights

After years of delay, American Airlines is finally using one of the newest passenger jets as part of its operations. It began flying the Boeing 787 between Dallas and Chicago on Thursday. By August, the operations of new fleet will be expanded to Beijing, Buenos Aires, Shanghai and Tokyo.

Boeing Dreamliner, which had faced many issues in the past, has finally started to live up to its promise of giving more travelers the chance to fly nonstop to distant places. Among the new Dreamliner routes:

— Austin, Texas, to London on British Airways.

— Boston to Tokyo on Japan Airlines.

— Denver to Tokyo on United Airlines.

— San Francisco to Chengdu, China, also on United.

“For the passenger, it means one less stop and a lot of hours in time savings,” said Scott Hamilton, an aviation analyst at Leeham Cos. Boeing said airlines around the world have added about 50 routes that didn’t exist before the 787.

American Airlines Boeing 787

American Airlines Boeing 787

The 787 is made with lightweight carbon/ composite material and other advances to improve fuel efficiency by up to 20 percent. That means less operational expenditure for the airline.

The Dreamliner has fewer seats than jumbo jets, offers comfort to airlines not to slash fares to fill them up. That increases revenue per passenger.

“The economics are so much better than with the (Boeing) 777-200,” Hamilton said, referring to a plane that American uses on many international flights.

American will use the 787 on U.S.-to-Asia routes that it launched using bigger, less efficient planes.

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