BAE Completes Its First Full Trial Fit of Brimstone Missile on Eurofighter a.k.a Typhoon

Air-to-air missile (AAM) is kind of a missile which is fired from an aircraft to destroy enemy aircraft. Such missiles are typically powered by one or more rocket motors. These missiles consume solid fuel mostly, but sometimes liquid fuels as well.

Recently, BAE Systems has completed the first full trial fit of its Brimstone air-to-surface missile. It was mounted onto a Eurofighter Typhoon combat jet for test purposes.

The test took place at an undisclosed location. The trial fit marks a significant milestone as it testifies the integration of the missile with the aircraft. This development is expected to pave the way for Brimstone 2 integration for the UK’s Royal Air Force (RAF) by 2018.

During testing, Brimstone missiles were fitted to the each wing equipped with a launcher and three missiles – in total six.

A Brimstone on display at RAF Museum London

A Brimstone on display at RAF Museum London

Brimstone 2 is the next iteration of the weapon. It is built on its previous successes. The missile will give the RAF a potent capability it needs.

BAE Systems test pilot Andy Blythe said: “Brimstone is an extremely flexible combat low collateral damage missile which was proven on the Tornado GR4.

The missile paired with Typhoon will be able to engage a huge cross section of potential targets.

Apart from Brimstone missiles, the fighter jet was also armed with two Paveway IV which are precision guided bombs. These are based on extensions of Phase III enhancements air-to-surface configuration which is to provide RAF Typhoon operators with a multi-role platform capable of addressing a wide range of target sets and delivering a variety of proportional precision weapon effects.

An upgraded version of the Dual Mode Seeker Brimstone weapon, Brimstone 2 has been developed to suit high-speed winds over land and sea, and is expected to enhance the swing-role capability of the Typhoon.

The trial fit follows the successful completion of an initial £5m contract received by the company from the UK Ministry of Defense in June to study the installation of Brimstone 2 missiles on RAF Typhoons.

Source: Airforce Technology

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