Boeing Completes First Flight With Jet Engine Running Over Green Diesel

This Wednesday, Chicago-based Boeing told that it had completed the very first test flight using new kind of fuel for aircraft.

Green diesel is blend of oils and fats. It is already used in heavy duty trucks and other ground means of transportation.

The use of green diesel for aviation industry is a “major breakthrough”. It will help Boeing to wean itself off fossil fuels and reduce harmful emissions for a safer environment.

Boeing experimented with green fuel to power a 787 Dreamliner test airplane. The fuel was a blend of 15 % green diesel and 85 % petroleum jet fuel in the left engine.

First green diesel flight of the 'ecoDemonstrator' Boeing 787 Dreamliner

First green diesel flight of the ‘ecoDemonstrator’ Boeing 787 Dreamliner

“The airplane performed as designed with the green diesel blend, just as it does with conventional jet fuel,” said Mike Carriker, chief pilot of product development and the 777X at Boeing test and evaluation. “This is exactly what we want to see in flight tests with a new type of fuel.”

Now, the struggle is to get the fuel approved for use in commercial aviation. Sustainable green diesel is chemically different than biodiesel. It is made from vegetable oils, waste cooking oil and waste animal fats.

Though economics is a different game but its use is likely to be very easy as the green diesel as it is already being produced on a relatively large scale.

Source: Chicago Tribune

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