Boeing Is Likely to Be the Top Airplane Manufacturer of 2014

As we approach the end of 2014, aerospace and defense investors are keen to know who will be the top airplane manufacturer of the year.

Last year, the crown went to Airbus which booked 1,503 new plane orders to Boeing’s 1,355.

In 2012, it was Boeing that came out on top with nearly 50% more new plane orders than its rival. This year again, the seesaw seems likely to swing back in Boeing’s favor.

Airbus 380 Vs. Boeing 747

Airbus 380 Vs. Boeing 747

Strong sales of Boeing’s 737 are helping the company to come out strong and on top in 2014. Based upon last report, Boeing has reported the following figures for all new plane orders:

  • 957 single-aisle 737 aircraft
  • 263 units of its 777 widebody
  • 48 new 787 Dreamliners
  • 4 units of 767s
  • 2 orders for 747 jumbo jets

That’s 1,247 gross orders in total. If we subtract 106 cancellations recorded year to date, this leaves Boeing with 1,168 net new orders.

The situation at Airbus’s end isn’t nearly so good. The company has managed to open up a lead in the market for single-aisles. But, the fact is, Airbus is having a very hard time keeping pace with Boeing on the sale of larger planes. It has managed 1,080 gross orders. There were 286 orders which got cancelled and Airbus was left with just 794 new planes on order.

Boeing is once again in the lead and kicking Airbus by roughly 50% of new orders.

And that’s not the end here. With more of Boeing’s plane orders being of the pricier widebody variety, the disparity in revenues for the two rivals will yawn even wider than the raw numbers suggest.

Boeing is rolling more and has put 590 airplanes in the hands of its customers so far. While, the figure stands at just 493 planes for the Airbus. Most of the deliveries were for A320 models – a cheap small body plane.

Source: Fool

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