China Is Likely to Provide the Z-10 Attack Helicopters to Pakistan

China is likely to provide three Z-10 helicopters to Pakistan this year. These helicopters will be used in the war against terrorism Pakistan has been fighting since 2001. Pakistan Army Aviation branch will remain the primary user of this new equipment.

Pakistan showed interest for this acquisition some time back and deliveries are now expected in 2015.

Z-10 Attack Helicopter

Z-10 Attack Helicopter

Pakistan was previously using the US made Cobra choppers in its operation to counter terrorism which roots from Afghanistan.

The Z-10 is also known as WZ-10. It is a proven attack helicopter developed by the People’s Republic of China. It is developed for anti-tank missions but also carries secondary air-to-air capability. The aircraft has maximum speed of 300+ km/h. It can cruise at 270+ km/h for longer flights.

Source: Jang

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