F-35 Causes Another Problem to the USAF and It’s Refuelers

The Lockheed Martin F-35 represents the 5th generation aircraft family of single-seat, single-engine, all weather stealth multirole fighter jets. To date, it remains the most expensive jet program of the USAF after the F-22 Raptor.

The plane has been criticized several times for multiple issues during testing since its maiden flight in 2006.

Canopy of the F-35

Canopy of the F-35

Recently, another issue has come to light which is related to fuel of the plane and cooling system. The F-35 can shut down when its fuel gets too hot to carry out its functions as a coolant.

The USAF has painted its refuelers white to reduce the temperature of fuel being delivered to the F-35 Lightning II joint strike fighter. The plane has a fuel temperature threshold and may not function properly if the fuel temperature is too high. There are three variants of the plane. One of them is to serve the US Navy (USN).

Source: The Telegraph

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