Female Fighter Pilots Join August 1st – the Chinese Aerobatics Team

During Zhuhai Airshow today, first two women fighter pilots of PLAAF have shown off their skills in J-10 jets by being part of aerobatics team.

The pair walked to their fighter planes with decisive steps, all wearing identical green overalls and sunglasses, as part of a performance by the Chinese air force’s “August 1st” aerobatic group.


China's August 1st Aerobatic Team

China’s August 1st Aerobatic Team

They are part of a group of five female fighter pilots flying for the team named for the date of the founding of the army. These female fighter pilots are capable of flying cutting-edge fighter jets in the Chinese air force. Their induction is evidence of promoting diversity within PLAAF. These female pilots are skilled and have more than 750 flying hours under their belts in four types of aircraft.

The Chinese aerobatics team is performing alongside the Russian air force “Knights” aerobatic team in Sukhoi SU-27 fighter jets, as well as the United Arab Emirates air force performance team.

Source: ABC

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