Global Flight Tracking System Is Need of the Hour

Many would think that a global flight tracking system exists as we speak today. But, the fact is, it doesn’t. Post mysterious disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, government and aviation officials are ready to announce global standards for tracking position of commercial airliners at least once every 15 minutes as per a report of the Wall Street Journal.

This global system would be of great use in situations where planes travel off of their planned courses. The real time monitoring after each minute will ensure flight safety even when aircraft is travelling over open water and remote polar locations where ground-based radar systems aren’t set up. The planes will have to communicate with satellites to make this happen.

An example of flight path

An example of flight path

The announcement is expected early next month, with airlines having a proposed year to comply with the guidelines.

The U.N.’s International Civil Aviation Organization and the International Air Transport Association, a worldwide trade organization for the aviation industry, are supporting it. Furthermore, they are suggesting a number of potential technologies that airlines can employ to meet requirements.

The new regulations will be applicable on fraction of the global airline industry’s 100,000 flights every day. Most of airplanes never leave areas having widespread ground radar coverage.

The global system would be widely used for flights that cross oceans and go over uninhabited areas.


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