Alphabets for Aviators

My version of Alphabets goes like this:

A for Airplane/ Aircraft/ Avionics/ Altitude
B for Bogey/ Barrel Roll
C for Cockpit/ Canopy/ Chaff
D for Drag
E for Elevator
F for Flying/ Flight/ Flares/ Fighter Pilot
G for G-force/ G-lock
H for Heads up Display/ Helmet
I for Indicators/ Instructor Pilot
J for Jettison/ Jacket
K for Knots
L for Landing Gear/ Loss of Control (LOC)
M for Map Case
N for Non-destructive Testing
O for Oxygen Mask
P for Pilot/ Pitch-back
Q for Q-code
R for Radar/ Roll
S for Side-stick/ Stabilizer/ Sortie/ Split S/ Scissors
T for Throttle/ Test Pilot
U for Ultra High Frequency
V for Very High Frequency
W for Warning lights/ Wheel down/ Wing-over
X for XPNDR – Transponder
Y for Yo-yo Maneuver
Z for Zero-Zero Ejection Seat


Dated: Sep 3, 2014

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