Indonesian Jupiter Aerobatics Team Lost Two Aircraft

Two KT-1 B aerobatics aircraft of the Royal Malaysian Air Force, have crashed in Malaysia after they grazed each other during practice.

Planes of the Indonesian Jupiter Aerobatics team were preparing for the Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace (LIMA) 2015 exhibition, when they collided and one aircraft fell over two neighboring houses and set them on fire.

Jupiter Aerobatic Team

Jupiter Aerobatic Team

The two planes were a part of the formation of six aircraft of the Indonesian Air Force. The first aircraft fell within the perimeter of the Langkawi International Airport, while the second one hit near a neighbouring village.

The training exercise was immediately put on halt. Combat Search and Rescue helicopters of the Royal Malaysian Air Force were dispatched at the scene.

There were four pilots aboard the two aircraft, and they managed to eject from the vehicles successfully. They were located by Fire and Rescue Services Department staff and sent to the Langkawi Hospital, according to eyewitnesses’ reports.

“Two in mid-air collision from Jupiter Aerobatic Team. Both pilots ejected. Hopefully no injuries on ground,” an eyewitness, Markus Chong posted on Facebook.

“I was having lunch, when suddenly saw the two planes colliding at the tail end, emitting smoke, before they crashed…One of the pilots managed to bail out with a parachute, “another eyewitness, Husin Ahmad, told local Bernama TV.

“Thankful that all 4 pilots are safe, their spirits remain high,” Malaysian Defense Minister Hishammuddin Hussein tweeted after visiting the pilots in the hospital.

The LIMA exhibition is a biannual event which takes place in the Langkawi archipelago of Malaysia. One of the largest maritime and aerospace exhibitions in the Asia-Pacific region. The event is largely focused on the defense industry.

Source: RT

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