Malaysia Considering JF-17 Thunder As An Option

A top Malaysian official on his visit to Islamabad indicated that his country is considering to purchase Joint Fighter 17 (JF-17) Thunder, a multi-role fighter jet.

“This [JF-17] jet fighter is considered an excellent production of Pakistan in the defence sector and decision about the number [of purchases] would be taken very soon by the Malaysian government,” High Commissioner of Malaysia to Pakistan Dato Dr Hasrul Sani bin Mujtabar said in a media interview.

Pakistan and Malaysia, he said, are enjoying excellent relations in the defence sector as a result of Joint Committee on Defence of both the countries which play role as an active forum.

PAF JF-17 Thunder

PAF JF-17 Thunder

The deal will be a big accomplishment for the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC) if it matures. Pakistan has been in active talks with many countries for the possible sale of the JF-17 Thunder as a cost effective and hi-tech aircraft.

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