Myanmar Air Force Negotiating Purchase of 16 JF-17s

Myanmar is having advanced level negotiations with Pakistan to develope the JF-17 Thunder fighter aircraft for meeting needs of its air force as per IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly. The South East Asian country is likely to purchase 16 units of the JF-17.

Quoting sources in the Myanmar Air Force (MAF), the report said the initial batch of the 16 JF-17s, which were ordered two years ago in 2015 are expected to go into service later this year. The MAF is expected to receive Block II that comes with features like: air-to-air refueling capability and improved avionics.

Klimov RD-93 Powerplant of the JF-17 Thunder with Full Afterburner

The report further quoted the sources saying that Myanmar is negotiating the licensed production of the Block III variant at its place. Currently, this is being done in Pakistan and China only.

The JF-17s will replace aging fleet of the F-7M Airguard and A-5C ‘Fantan’ combat aircraft, which are of Chinese origin.

IHS Jane

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