Norwegian Air Force Intercepted Russia’s Su-34 Fighter Jet First Time

Two Norwegian F-16s intercepted a Russian Su-34 fighter off the coast of Finmark this week. The Sukhohi Su-34 is optimized variant of the Su-27 Flanker. It is somewhat similar to an F-111 and an F-15E Strike Eagle. The Su-34 Fullback is highly regarded as the most advanced tactical jet in Russia’s growing arsenal. It has the maneuverability and long-range mission capability of the Su-27 with a side-by-side enlarged cockpit. It is believed to have the most advanced operational avionics and sensor suite the Russian Air Force can bank on. The jet can carry massive supersonic anti-radiation missiles as payload. It can fly at low-level deep into enemy territory to strike desired targets with its onboard laser designator. This all makes the Su-34 is a fearless asset.

Norwegian Air Force Viper is chasing Russian Su-34

Norwegian Air Force Viper is chasing Russian Su-34

It is not known how many Su-34s were tracked during the Norwegian intercept. The images show a single example flying alongside an armed Norwegian Viper – the F-16. The big charcoal gray Russian attack fighter jet is visible with a pair of R-73 air-to-air missiles and a huge ventral drop tank.

Source: FoxTrotAlpha

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