PAF F-7PG Crashes Near Mastung

Pakistan Air Force (PAF) lost its fighter jet F7-PG near Mastung on Wednesday. The plane crashed during a routine training operation. The pilot was able to eject to safety.

According to a spokesperson for PAF’s Samungli Airbase in Quetta, “The F7-PG fighter jet was on a routine training mission when its engine caught fire and crashed on a fray near Mastung.”

“The pilot, flight lieutenant Yasir, ejected himself from the plane safely while no loss of life and property was reported in the incident,” he added.

Chengdu F-7PG In-flight

Chengdu F-7PG In-flight

Post crash, Air force officials, Frontier Corps and Levies reached at the crash site and cordoned the area.

“The formation of a board of inquiry has been ordered by the Air Headquarter to investigate the possible cause of the crash,” the spokesperson said, adding that wreckage of the plane had been confiscated.

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