Pakistan Air Force Mirage V Crashed in Jhang

A Dassault Mirage V of the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) was crashed in the eastern province of Punjab today. The Mirage V is a French supersonic attack aircraft which has been in service for more than three decades. The crashed aircraft was a two-seat variant on a routine training mission. The plane went down in Jhang, a district of the province.

Fortunately, the aircraft’s pilot survived the crash as was able to eject successfully. An investigation has been launched to find out the root cause of the incident.

Two seat version of Mirage V in use of the PAF

Two seat version of Mirage V in use of the PAF

Flight Safety has become a matter of concern in the PAF. About 10 days ago, a Pakistani Mirage fighter jet crashed in Gadap area on the outskirts of the port city of Karachi on Nov 21, 2014. The pilot lost his life in the crash.

At least three people were killed and eight others injured on June 3, when another fighter jet crashed at a bus terminal in Baldia Town, Karachi. Both pilots flying the plane and an ordinary citizen lost their lives in the incident.

It is high time Pakistan must upgrade its aging fleet of Mirage III and V and move on to the JF-17 Thunder, FC-20 and F-16s. Rumor has it that the Pakistan Air Force is likely to purchase the Mirage 2000 which are currently in the use of UAE Air Force.

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