Pakistan Is Likely to Purchase the Su-35 Fighter Jet

Pakistan and Russia are making news on sale and purchase of military hardware. Both countries have been in talks for quite some time for the delivery of multi-role Mi-35M attack helicopters. The possible sale of the Su-35 fighter jets to Pakistan is the latest happening.

While talking to media, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said Pakistan is Moscow’s solid partner and the ties between two countries are evolving in every sector including military.


Russian Air Force Su-35

He further said “I do not think that the contacts under discussion will cause jealousy on the part of any of the two sides.”

The twin-engine Su-35 is a 4th generation multi-role combat aircraft which also incorporates technology from 5th generation jets, according to details available on the Sukhoi company’s website. It is also said to be more agile as compared to previous models.

Indian Air Force is already operating older versions of Sukhoi, which are mainly known as Su-30 MKI and Su-27 Flanker.

Army chief of Pakistan General Raheel Sharif visited Russia earlier this year, after which a draft contract was sent to Pakistan for new Mi-35M helicopters and Su-35 fighter jets.

The Mi-35 helicopter is modernized version of the Mi-24 helicopter. It comes with new equipment and avionics and even more powerful engine.

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