Pakistan May Become the First Buyer of the J-10

China looks to sell its J-10 fighter jet to Iran post lifting of UN sanctions. However, Pakistan Air Force may overtake Iranian Air Force as the first buyer of the Chinese multi-role aircraft.

Iran has a very limited range of choice to meet its arms requirement.

“It is natural that Iran is interested in the J-10. In regard to military aircraft deals, I guess it can only choose between China and Russia,” said Fu Qianshao, an aviation equipment expert with the PLAAF.

The J-10 in use of August 1st , Chinese Aerobatics Team.

The J-10 in use of August 1st , Chinese Aerobatics Team.

There has been rumor that Pakistan is interested in latest version of the J-10, which is known as the J-10 B.

The J-10 is a capable multi-role aircraft, which can confront any of the 3rd generation fighter jets. It offers supreme maneuverability, strong firepower and cutting-edge avionic equipment.

There is speculation in foreign media that China and Iran are discussing a deal for 150 J-10 fighter jets.

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