Pakistan Shows Interest in the Su-35 Flanker-E

Different reports of Russian media suggest that Pakistan is showing interest in the possible acquisition of the Su-35 to diversify and replete its aging fleet. Russian media channels further suggest that Pakistan’s interest in the Sukhoi Su-35 multi-role fighter jet is genuine.

The Pakistani officials were present at Army 2016, an international military and technical forum. Speaking to Sputnik News, the deputy director of the Defence Export Promotion Organization (DEPO) Qadir Khan said, “Pakistan is involved in negotiations with Russia on a deal for Su-35 and Su-37. We are in initial stage now.” It is to be noted that the Su-37 is a technology demonstrator asset and is not up for sale in the market.

Sukhoi Su-35

Pakistani delegation was led by the Director General of DGDP – Major General Naveed Ahmed. He responded to inquiries about the Su-35 and stated that the option was being considered. He reportedly added that Pakistan is waiting for Russia to open negotiations.

Pakistani official also expressed hope that an agreement regarding the RD-93 turbofan will also be finalized in the near future. This will make the JF-17 Thunder program a potent one for the Pakistan Air Force.

In another Sputnik News article, Maj. Gen Ahmed was quoted saying: “Our army services are [showing] keen interest in different Russian products. We are looking for the air platform, for any sorts of helicopters; for the army, we are looking for tanks, we are looking for anti-tanks weapon system and more importantly we are looking for the air defense system.”

Source: Sputnik News

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