Pentagon Discussing Post-sales Matters With Moscow for MI-17

A delegation of the Pentagon is currently in Moscow city to discussing the details of after sale servicing of Russian origin helis for the Afghan military. The helicopter is suooposed to be the MI-17.

In earlier part of this October, US Army Gen. John F. Campbell told reporters that Russian the Mi-17 helicopters had been a “game changer” in the movement of Afghan forces and supplies in the fight against insurgents representing Talibans.

MI-17 V5

MI-17 V5

Russia will complete its contract with the Pentagon at the end of October on the delivery of 63 Mi-17V5 tactical transport helicopters for the Afghan military. An official ceremony handing over the last four aircraft will be held on Oct 29 at the Kazan Helicopter Plant.

It is to be noted that the United States sanctions, imposed on Russia for its alleged involvement in the Ukrainian crisis, did not affect the supply of Russian helicopters to Afghanistan military.

Source: RIA

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