Photos: USAF Thunderbirds Epic Flight in Telluride

The U.S. Air (USAF) Force Senior Airman Jason Couillard took several photos of the iconic jets streaming across the Western Slope on his way back from Mankato, Minnesota.

Residents of Telluride saw and heard the jets and thought perhaps the Thunderbirds would be flying over the town on fourth of July. But, the United States Air Force Air Demonstration Squadron (USAFADS) Thunderbirds will actually be performing in Traverse City, Michigan.

The squadron came into being on May 25, 1953 at Luke Air Force Base in Arizona. It remains the only official air demonstration team.

The name “Thunderbirds” is influenced in part by strong Native American culture and folklore from the southwestern United States where Luke Air Force Base is located, according to their website.

Here are some jaw dropping photos:

Thunderbirds4 Thunderbirds3 Thunderbirds2 Thunderbirds Thunderbirds0 Thunderbirds01Source: 9 News

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