Royal Jordanian Airlines Received Its 5th Boeing 787

Royal Jordanian Airlines received its 5th 787 Dreamliner yesterday. This concludes assimilation of the first group of its 787 order. The airline has been working on its strategic plan to renew its long-haul fleet. These five 787s are all new and advanced generation of the 787 Dreamliner. Planes are being used for medium and long-range routes. Previously, the RJ was using A340 and A330 of French origin.

Royal Jordanian Boeing 787 - Dreamliner

Royal Jordanian Boeing 787 – Dreamliner

The airline will receive the rest of Dreamliners starting 2016 and throughout the following few years. The inventory will help RJ meet its operational needs and leverage the passengers’ experience. The state-of-the-art cabin and features of Boeing 787 would offer higher levels of comfort and luxury.

The 787 is currently the most technologically advanced and efficient airplane in the aviation industry. The technological marvel has met some bad vents which have badly impacted its potential sales.

Nevertheless, Boeing hinted that it has total order for 1,050 Dreamliners which are to be delivered to more than 60 global airlines by the end of 2020.

Boeing has introduced new improved ventilation and humidity levels onboard to take travel experience to a whole new level.


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