Russia and China to Work Together On A New Chopper

Russia and China are going to extend partnership for developing a heavier-lifting chopper.

Rostec is a Russian state-owned conglomerate, which is working out a strategic partnership with China. It has previosuly signed multiple deals
with Chinese state-owned and private companies. It inlcudes a US$10-billion deal to develop Russia’s coal-storage facilities, a new partnership
with Chinese telecoms giant Huawei, and plans to build a heavy-lifting helicopter with unprecedented carrying capability.

“In Africa and Arabic countries, we only sell product. In Europe and the US we sell product and technology. In China, we create collaboration,”
said Rostec spokesperson Vasily Brovko.

Russian Mi-26

Russian Mi-26


Rostec was formed in 2007 with empahsis on high-tech industries. China remains its major customers. Last year, China was the second-biggest
customer of Rostec. The nature of transactions were military equipment like: choppers, military vehicles and combat gear.

Rostec is Russia’s major producer of military and civil helicopters. It is also the second-largest defence contractor.

Russian Helicopters is a company Rostec owns. It is collaborating with a Chinese partner to develop a heavy-lifting helicopter, which is likely
to be more advanced than the Mi-26, a world-leading model produced by the same company.

Source: SCMP

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