Russian Fighter Jets Making Inroads to Global Market

Owing to technological advancements and increasing flexibility of doing business with new countries, Russian fighter jets are finding their place in different markets of the world now. The newest Su-35 fighter jets is one of the best multipurpose heavy fighter aircraft of the fourth generation, which is making news again and again.

In current times, Russian technology is expected to have high demand in the Asia-Pacific region. Recently, China signed a contract with Russia for the supply of twenty-four Su-35 fighter jets worth about two billion dollars. With this development, Beijing became the first foreign customer of the Su-35. The delivery of these jets will start within this year.

Su-30 (CM Variant)

Su-30 (CM Variant)

The successful delivery of the latest aircraft to China will further enhance Russia’s position in foreign markets. Indonesia is another country which has expressed interest in purchasing the Su-35. On the other side, Egypt seems all set to buy roughly 50 units of the MiG-29M / M2 twin-engine jet fighter.

It was also reported that Russia and Egypt might have signed a contract for attack helicopters, the Ka-52.

It is not just the Middle Eastern and Asian countries that are keen in Russian cutting-edge technology. Two more countries, which are Armenia and Belorussia, are due to receive Su-30M and MiG-29 Russian fighter jets respectively. The first recipient of the Su-30CM was Kazakhstan.

The country with nuclear power, Pakistan has also increased its defense spend with Russia in the last few years and it is likely to go further higher in the future.

The growing influence of Russian defense companies could become a sign of worry for America going forward and may force the US to revise its strict policies of selling defense equipment with strings attached.

Source: SN

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