Sukhoi T-50 Stealth Fighter Gets Smart Covering

Defense industry officials are of the view that Russia’s PAK FA T-50, fifth-generation fighter jet is 100 percent digital.

The aircraft is to get “smart covering” that will enable it’s pilots to have an all-round combat picture and maneuver with a maximum degree of efficiency.

This “smart covering” is a potent

PAK FA T-50 fighter jet

PAK FA T-50 fighter jet

technology and a set of universal antenna systems that allows a pilot to know what is happening on the the front, rear, left and right side of the plane. The all-round situational awareness is projected either on the pilot’s helmet or interactive cockpit.

“The PAK-FA fighter jet is not simply a fifth-generation aircraft as brand new ideas were installed. In other words, it is a 100-percent digital aircraft which not only delivers information at the pilot’s request, but also ensures full-fledged situation awareness,” deputy general director of Russia’s KRET corporation Igor Nasenkov said.

PAK-FA also known as the T-50, is being designed to compete with US-made aircraft such as the F-22 Raptor and F-35 Lightning II as well as ground and maritime defenses. This stealth fighter jet is designed by Sukhoi.

It is a single-seat, twin-engine jet fighter with full stealth technology. The plane is a multirole fighter designed for air superiority and attack roles. Super maneuverability and advanced avionics are other sailent features.

PAK-FA aircraft would stand out due to its digital control systems and maximum pilot comfort, as per officials.

Source: RT

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