Video: The SR-10 Trainer Jet Comes With Forward Swept Wings

The Russian KB SAT design bureau has a new jet trainer, the SR-10. It is designed and developed to train fighter pilots of the future and the plane is already turning heads with its unique look. The SR-10 jet trainer, unlike regular jets, has forward-swept wings, making the plane more maneuverable in flight.



Its wings are pointed forward at a 10-degree angle. This wing setting gives the plane better stability at slower speeds. It also enhances takeoff and landing performance. At the same time, forward-swept wings make a plane unstable. hence, Fly-by-Wire system is a must to keep the plane stable in flight.

From the front, the SR-10 shows an uncanny resemblance to the F/A-18E Super Hornet – a US based fighter jet.

The plane is entirely built from composite materials, which means less weight and better thrust-to-weight ratio. It is said to have a maximum speed of 559 miles an hour and a range of 932 miles. The KB SAT is yet to see any orders for this unusual plane. However, it is currently pitching it to the Russian Air Force as an intermediate-level jet trainer.

Source: Popular Mechanics

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