Turkish Air Force Lost Two F-4 and Four Fighter Pilots in Air Crash

In an unfortunate incident on Tuesday night, four fighters pilots were killed after two F-4 fighter jets crashed near Malatya province in eastern Turkey. Both planes belonged to the Turkish Air Force (TuAF). The two aircraft were variant of F-4 which is commonly known as the RF-4E. They lost contact during reconnaissance flights in the Akçadağ district.

TuAF RF-4E War Plane

TuAF RF-4E War Plane

Rescue teams, fire crew, ambulances and gendarmerie were sent to the scene of the crash after locals alerted officials on hearing loud bang.

According to unofficial sources two warplanes collided in mid-air causing the accident.

Heavy fog in the region is preventing the vehicles from reaching the area.

Interior Minister Efkan Ala has confirmed the death of the four pilots while the investigation of the crash are underway.

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