US Navy Considering to Purchase More of Boeing EA-18G

The U.S. Navy is looking at possible purchase of Boeing EA-18G (also known as Growler) – a carrier-based electronic warfare aircraft manufactured by Boeing.

Navy is expected to earmark funds for this acquisition while shaping up its fiscal for 2016.

While in an interview with Reuters, Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Jonathan Greenert told that USN was reviewing its inventory of tactical aircraft, including Growlers and strike fighters, to ensure its electronic attack needs were met. Congress is likely to approve orders for 12 more EA-18G Growlers in the fiscal 2015 budget.

Lockheed Martin F-35C landing on the USS Nimitz aircraft carrier

Lockheed Martin F-35C landing on the USS Nimitz aircraft carrier

On the other hand, the Navy did not request funding for the jets in its 2015 budget, but did add 22 EA-18G jets to its unfunded priorities list.

“Before we close the books and call it quits on Growlers, we want to make sure we’ve got the electronic attack right,” Greenert said in an interview at a defense conference.

In parallel, the Navy is finishing 2 weeks of rigorous testing of the F-35C fighter jet built by Lockheed Martin Corp on the USS Nimitz aircraft carrier.

Greenert further confirmed that the F-35C carrier testing has gone well. But, the F-35C which is the naval version is yet to complete further tests with software for carrying weapons in internal bay and external pods.

In the future, the Navy plans to buy 260 units of the F-35C. This new aircraft will replace older model F/A-18C/D Boeing jets for use on aircraft carriers.

However, the Navy will work together on the warships with newer model F/A-18E/F jets and the EA-18G Growlers.

Lockheed Martin is persuading the Navy to increase the orders of F-35 jets as this will help the company to achieve economies of scale and drive down the cost of the F-35C model, now at around $130 million apiece.

Source: Yahoo News

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