USAF F-16 Crashes After Colliding With a Civilian Plane

The United States Air Force (USAF) lost one of its fighter jet aircraft today in a mid air collision. An F-16 Fighting Falcon crashed near Charleston, South Carolina, after colliding with a civilian Cessna aircraft.

Witnesses reported an “explosion in the sky” above Highway 52 near Cooper River, in Berkeley County. The F-16’s pilot ejected safely. The debris from the plane is strewn on the ground near Lewisfield Plantation.

The remains of GE Engine of the F-16

The remains of GE Engine of the F-16

Local firefighters and first responders are on the scene in search of the wreckage of the civilian plane. A helicopter is deployed to look for missing plane. No information is currently available on how many people were on board the Cessna.

Source: RT

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