Zhuhai Airshow Puts Chinese Planes on World Map

This time around, 100+ orders for (Aviation Industry Corporation) Avic planes and helicopters at the Zhuhai Airshow have boosted China’s ambitions to move into advanced aviation markets overseas like: America.

Avic of China’s general aviation subsidiary Avicopter stated that it was looking to tap the US express delivery market with its Y-12 family of utility aircraft, which will be sold to the US first time in the history as result of a deal with a Californian-based company.

Harbin Y-12F

Harbin Y-12F

As per information shared by the South China Morning Post, the model to be exported to the US was Y-12F which is a 19-seat turboprop transport aircraft. This is the the latest version of a plane made by Avic since the 1980s.

Li Xianzhe, the director of the Y-12 programme at Avicopter, told the deal included four units of Y-12Fs which is yet to gain US Federal Aviation Authority certification in half a year. There were 16 units of Y-12Es, which gained the certification 8 years ago in 2006.

The US based company purchasing the planes plans to use them to fly tourists over the Grand Canyon.

China has set ambitions higher than the Y-12F. Her ultimate goal is to enter into the commercial airliner market with bigger plane manufacture like: Embraer, Bombardier, Airbus and Boeing. The Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, Ltd. is a Chinese state-owned aerospace manufacturer is working hard to give tough time to established players.

Avic International has traditionally been the only channel for the export of Chinese aircraft.

Source: SCMP

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